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The turning point in Liz’s education was during a University of Colorado study abroad program in which she completed a course on Post-Renaissance Mannerism in Florence, Italy.  Following graduation she went on to the Art Student’s League of New York to immerse herself in a full time schedule of traditional portrait painting and anatomical drawing.  

On relocating from New York to San Francisco, Liz worked for the SF Museum of Modern Art and studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Liz continued her arts education while living and traveling through Greece for several months, and it is to this influence she owes her deep appreciation of the classical form.  After painting and exhibiting in San Francisco for a few years, she made two extended visits to Indonesia. These travels through Southeast Asia impressed upon her the practice of daily ritual offering imbued with art and music.

Eventually Liz moved back to New York City where she turned toward abstraction with the generous help of a venerable abstract expressionist painter who coached her to drop imagery all together. She completed a residency, had several exhibits in New York, collaborated on murals, and worked as a color technician for a well-known artist.  Also during this time, she lived in Rio de Janeiro for the better part of a year where she secured a workspace and delved into the Brazilian styles of rhythm and color with the goal of combining abstraction and narrative.


More recently, when she lived in Austin, Texas, Liz traveled back and forth to London.  Because of the traveling, she replaced her oil paints with watercolors, and this change of media also brought reflections of the subtle atmosphere in England with transparent washes and complex hues.  During these years, Liz exhibited in Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Austin.

Currently living in Northern Nevada, Liz continues to work with watercolor, gouache, and pencil as shown in watercolors under the paintings section of this website.

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